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The report provides detailed revenue metrics for Groupon, LivingSocial, Travelzoo, AmazonLocal, Google Offers and more. Each month, we provide.
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At PCPatchers we have tracked 903,056 historical daily deals in North America and add nearly 40,000 more each month
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Daily Deal Market Analysis

Tracking conversions is pretty important in this industry since merchants who might want to advertise with a coupon company often want hard numbers about what their money will get them. The recent trend towards coupon sites being able to provide these numbers is definitely changing the field. The “conversion rate” refers to what percentage of people who receive coupons re actually using them to purchase items and especially continue to purchase items from the merchant. This conversion rate has to be tracked somehow in order for the site to be able to present to the merchant how well the strategy is working. These hard numbers have really worked as a sort of siren call to merchants who want to get ahead.
PCPatchers covers the growing power of social buying generally called “Daily Deals”. With the explosion of companies like groupon, livingsocial and many others, the way consumers purchase online may have been altered forever. Which companies will emerge as front runners in this space, and who are some of the executives behind them? Which investors stand to gain the most, and which companies have they backed? PCPatchers Business helps you keep up with this fast pace industry, and provides valuable insight, resources, industry reports, forums and more.
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